Stock Charts: view the most popular stocks in real-time or insert stock charts into your site or blog similar to a YouTube video.

High-definition online stock charts are not easy to find, especially for free. In this resource you can accurately track price movements of pretty much any stock from any computer with Internet access. provides free stock charts for personal use, sharing with friends and embedding into any forum, blog or online resource to share your stock chart analysis.

Our stock charts are created with new industry standard HTML5 technology, which allows them to be be interactive and have many tools for technical stock chart analysis. Many popular drawing tools, such as Gann and Fibonacci, and technical indicators, such as Moving Averages, Elliot Waves, and Money Flow, are at your fingertips.

Anyone interested in the stock market and stock chart analysis can use this tool for sharing trading ideas with others. Professional traders, financial journalists, investors and market bloggers can create stock charts with commentary and either provide direct links, or publish charts into their resources.

All stock charts are powered by TradingView.

Sample Stock Charts

This section highlights popular stock charts presented by MultiCharts. Each stock chart has real-time updates (no delay) and over ten years of history, depending on the stock. Each stock chart can be displayed with a different chart type, such as bars, candles, shaded area, or a continuous line. Different timeframes or intervals are also available for each stock chart. You should pick the type and interval that is appropriate to the information you want to find. For instance, interval of one day will give a better picture of longer trends, and a candle bar type will help easily identify if the stock closed up or down on a particular day.

ADBE Chart ZNGA Chart GOOG Chart GE Chart DELL Chart
JNJ Chart F Chart C Chart BAC Chart AAV Chart
CSCO Chart NFLX Chart HTM Chart IPAS Chart MX Chart
STRT Chart AMZN Chart BHI Chart SPY Chart GLD Chart

Embedded Stock Chart Example

Stock charts and Bitcoin to Dollar charts from our resource can be inserted into any site or blog similar to a YouTube video. Then people visiting the site can work with the embedded stock chart directly from there. The built-in chart can be panned left and right, zoomed in and out, and modified if such option is enabled. Only way to share stock charts before this resource was to use standalone software, take screenshots, format them and then upload through some resource. Now there is a one-stop resource for sharing stock chart online, complete with free historical and real-time data, as well as online stock chart analysis tools. Here is an example stock chart.